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  How We Work


There are three main formats in which I work with my clients:

  • One-on-one:

I work with you, and the buck stops with you. This means that we will not blame your partner (simply because blaming is not useful for making changes). Instead, we will focus on your contribution and how you want to be in your partnership. It is amazing how when you change, the whole partnership changes. Everything about you will tend to affect your relationship, so you can bring anything else to the table. 

Usually we will start with a 1.5 hour meeting and follow through with two 40-minute sessions a month as you make important changes. 

  • Two-on-one: 

Here, I coach both you and your partner together. I stay neutral and consider the partnership itself to be my primary client, not you. If your partner is on board with coaching, this is a good way to go. 

Usually we will have one or two 1-hour sessions a month, and we can use three-way calling if you and your partner are at different locations.

  • Combination:

We do a number of one-on-one sessions as well as some two-on-one sessions. This can be designed in many ways and customized to fit your needs. Perhaps you start with one-on-one coaching and then add two-on-one coaching when your partner becomes interested. Or the other way around, you start with two-on-one coaching and then realize you want to make some individual changes also. 

Depending on how we design this, we may use my network of coaches to cover all your needs and make sure there is a good match of coaches for both you and your partner.


Theoretical Framework

Partnership Coaching is based on the cutting edge Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching model.

Partnership Coaching incorporates elements from the following areas:

  • Process Work
  • Co-Active Coaching
  • Systems Theory
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Relationship Research





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